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My Introduction! (Eminiris) Empty My Introduction! (Eminiris)

Post by Eminiris on August 15th 2014, 3:38 am

Hi, My name is Robert, but you may call me Eminiris on this because it is the Username I wish to have for my character once SAO is completed! I had an introduction on the old forum, under the username "chamrobe", if any of you remember me (I'm looking at you, Joey (or "jh0810")).

To tell you a little about myself, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria, in BC.  I am fluent in both french and English and I have completed the IB diploma program.
To continue on who I am, my interests/hobbies include but are not limited to: Anime, Manga, Just about any kind of video game (I especially love RPGs), History, Sciences, Reading, Music/Singing, International Travel, Cooking/Eating, Rowing, Running, Biking and many others!

I have been captivated by the world of SAO and by all the hard work that fans like yourselves have put in making the world of Aincrad a reality. I would love to help by drawing some concept art, or helping write dialogue for characters, or maybe some plot or a few quests. Really, whatever miscelanious tasks that don't require me to be good at working a specific program (ex: 3D modeling) I am willing to help with!

I am free to chat or answer any questions to whomever might want to strike up a conversation with me! Just send me a message and I'll answer ASAP!

For those who are still here and reading, Hi! You made it! This is the end of my post! ;D

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