The Black Swordsman Introduction

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The Black Swordsman Introduction Empty The Black Swordsman Introduction

Post by The Black Swordsman on July 22nd 2014, 6:07 pm

First off, I am a person who, if given the time, will play a game to completion or for hours to days on end (That's why I don't want a logout button >:3). Do not take me for a completionist though.

I am 13. (Which is my lucky number).

I am Irish.

I am studying business in school for another 2 to 5 years.

I would love to support Argus Games in any way possible, be it donations, comissioning for art on Deviantart, testing things, fuck I'd even go through SAO 50 times over just to get details for the team to put in the game.

When I was younger I was into writing short stories (if you need an example I can do a quest example if you want).

That's all for now, expect me to be on the site frequently, onward to Sword Art Online and the NerveGear!

I might update this soon though.
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