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Post by OtakuMatt on May 31st 2014, 12:45 am

Hey guys, OtakuMatt here and I'm going to post a little bit of info about me but I'm not really open to anyone. Feel free to message me if you please or add my Steam account!

Name: Matthew, Matty, Matt.
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Ramen Noodles
Favorite anime: One Piece
Anime I like: Every anime genre.
Favorite game: Borderlands 1 / Borderlands 2
Language: English, Small bit of Japanese.
Age: 16
Interest: Anime, Music, Games.
Hobbies: YouTube, Twitch.

' Join my side and I will protect you with my life, Betray me and I will give my life to kill you. ' - Matty

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