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Huge suggestions! Empty Huge suggestions!

Post by Silmiss on December 25th 2014, 11:06 pm

Hello here, I have various elements that I'd suggest adding once the Seed Engine gets in full-blast:

---Hardware/Software wise---

1) Random Generation System
This could be for weapons, environment details (grass/leaves), etc. Instead of doing everything by hand, let the generating system do it.
2) Calibration data
Reason you should develop the NG first is so you can set a calibration mode so it can read the data from when you touch, feel, smell, or eat to save the trouble of hand-making different feelings
3) Safer design IE Amusphere.
Nuff said, we don't wanna fry brainz
4) Local time clock
Besides the In-game time it should have your local time as well for obvious reasons (dont be late for dinner billy)

---Ingame additions---

1) Beast Taming
If you are significantly higher level than a creature and you have it's favorite food, there is a chance instead of attacking it'll try the food. If it is it's favorite food, it will have been tamed. You'd have to feed tamed creatures at least every 8 hours when in-game if the creature is active. If the creature is big enough, you should be able to mount it. Minibosses/Bosses obviously cannot be tamed.
2) Buff/Effect potions
There can also be potions for speed, damage, gravity, fishing, night-vision, etc.

That's all I have for now... it's 12:06AM here o.e
G'night and merry x-mas


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