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Post by RiokuTheSlayer on July 16th 2014, 1:18 am

Hello everyone, RiokuTheSlayer here!

I saw this project one day, looking around at sao fanart and stuff. It's a really cool project, and it looks like it's going really really well. So, I thought I'd introduce myself and "Apply" for the team.

My skills:
Rigging up models (Not making new ones)
Programming (C#,Java mostly. Learning C++)
General ideas, I'm usually very creative.

My flaws:
Short attention span. I get distracted easily, and usually forget stuff. For a project like this though, I'd try my best to stay on track.
Self taught(pro and a con). I don't know everything there is to know about my skills, and I've not been taught in school about them or anything. But it means I can do things differently from everyone else.

So yeah. I'm hoping to become a 3D animator for the game, if I'm accepted. I understand it's on the Cry Engine, And I don't have much expirience with that, but most software for gaming and animation are cross-compatible, and mostly they are all the same with some control differences and such.

Yeah. If you guys, like anyone reading this, wants to chat or sumthin, just reply! ^_^

Hope to hear from you soon! -Rio

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