Testing(i know that people must ask a lot)

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Testing(i know that people must ask a lot) Empty Testing(i know that people must ask a lot)

Post by Ironshadow on April 9th 2014, 5:52 am

I've been a big fan of this game since the first episode of the anime aired on tv. Gaming experts everyone said we where still a good 10 too 15 years away from being able to make this game reality, but here you guys are making the game that every gaming expert said was impossible for this time. You all must get a lot of requests about being an alpha tester or beta tester so i wont ask in the normal way of just begging to be one.

I have played many games, I haven't stopped playing games since i was about 2. I love games which is why i'm here, I have been in almost every beta for the "Big" games like WOW or Rift, and countless others such as Path of exile, starcraft, minecraft(most where in alpha and beta :P), tribes ascend, smite, league of legends, and a lot of other games(don't feel like listing all the games i've been in beta tests and alpha tests for). After awhile you start to pickup on what you need to look for bug wise and other things, but in my case it wasn't really about reporting bugs(most of the games had enough people saying obvious bugs and didn't need another one complaining), no instead i was thinking of ideas to help improve the game from what was already there. I tried to be really creative in the ideas, so based on the game i would say this or that, for example for WOW I suggested that if you could talk to goblins and kill them why not put them in the game as a playable race(they did do so after a long time).

My point being that i have wanted to "get my hands dirty" with this game since the anime and manga. and if there is any chance at all that i could help you guys out even if I can't program or draw stuff, i would still want to help out as much as possible for the game that could potentially change how people view games from here on out, how games are made and played and many other things that could be changed simply from this one game. :) so i would love to help with the beta/alpha if at all possible if only to make this game the best that it can be for the sake of the many people who have watched the anime or read the manga, or love games like this.


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Testing(i know that people must ask a lot) Empty Re: Testing(i know that people must ask a lot)

Post by katrazi on June 13th 2014, 12:08 am

I think we'd all love to beta test it, but if you manage to get your hands on a copy you better be sharing screenshots and videos ^_^


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